Monday, August 8, 2011

Get to Know...Makadoo's!

By: Laura Ivie
Staff Writer
August 8, 2011

Step 1: Grab bowl & fill with yogurt
Step 2: Add your favorite toppings
Step 3: Weigh & Pay
Step 4: Relax and enjoy

These are the steps to a successful experience at Makadoo's, a wonderful new yogurt shop that has made it's way into downtown Florence. As you step up to the yogurt machines to make your choice, you will see these words on the giant chalkboard above, guiding you through the process. And mind you, it's not an easy choice! Gone are the days of simple vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. No, Makadoo's tempts you with flavors such as Lemon Ice Box, Banana Pudding, Raspberry Tart, and Jolly Rancher Fruit Punch Sorbet. And then come the toppings, and the choices abound!
You might be asking yourself, "Where did they come up with the name Makadoo's?" When I sat down to talk with owner Michelle Winkle, she laughingly told me that is the nickname given to her daughter, Makadyn, by her brother-in-law. She said she and husband David had been trying desperately to come up with a name when he suddenly asked, " What does Steve call Makadyn?" So, Makadoo's it was!
The shop is something that David and Michelle have talked about for a couple of years, they just needed that perfect location. And boy did they get it! Located at 120 North Court Street, in what could be considered the "heart" of downtown, their shop definitely catches the eye. Painted with lively pastels that are at the same time easy on the eyes, the inside is quite roomy and engaging. There is a party room in the back with a giant chalkboard and a kids only table up front with a never ending supply of crayons!
Whether you're looking for a quick treat or a place to host your next birthday party, Makadoo's has got you covered! Hope to see you there soon...

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